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DAB E.sybox Mini Pressure Booster & Backup Water Supply Pump


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The e.sybox mini pump are used to supply water from a storage tank.
The e.sybox mini pump can even be used to supply water to a typical 2-bathroom,1 kitchen, single storey home where low municipal water-pressure or interruption of mains water is a problem.
e.sybox mini pump is ideal for residential use and its performance is optimized with a flow rate up to 30 Litre per minute and a head between 2.5 and 3.0 bar (factory set-point is 3.0 bar).

As a fully automatic booster system controlled by a pressure switch, the pressure switch is pre-set to start the pump at a minimum pressure when water is drawn off and the pump will adjust its speed to maintain a constant pressure.

Components of a backup water supply system (not supplied):
1) Water storage tank. We recommend at least a 2500 Litre tank for a family of 4 people, which excludes use for watering of the garden; washing of cars and topping up swimming pools.
2) Pipe connection from mains water to fill and refill the tank as-and-when required. The mains supply can be from a borehole or municipal water connection, ideally controlled with a float-valve.
3) Pipe and connections from the storage tank to the INLET of the e.sybox mini pump
4) A connection from OUTLET of the e.sybox mini pump to the water supply network or tap(s)


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