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Klorman Chlorine Cartridge (4)


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The ultimate in simple and affordable Disinfestation and Sanitization.
Klorman is a durable, compact, east to use chlorine dispenser that is specifically designed to deliver Hypochlor (Calcium Hypochlorite).

The Klorman unit is adjustable, and can be used in applications ranging from high water volume / low chlorine concentrations, to low volume / high chlorine concentrations.

The Klorman system is registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Australian NRA and others.

KLORMAN is ideal for use in:
Post Harvest Protection.
Meat / Fish Sanitation.
Public Health Applications.
Environmental Hygiene.
Drinking Water Applications.
Borehole Water Treatment.
Dam and River Water Treatment.
and others…

Easy to install and maintain.
Easy to adjust and control chlorine levels.
Uses Calcium Hypochlorite cartridges.
10,000lt per cartridge at 50ppm.

Includes 4 Cartridges


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