Commercial and industrial water treatment is important business in South Africa, it ensures the quality of your products in some cases and ensures the well being of your staff, and customers, in others. Focused on efficiency and productivity, having the highest quality products at your disposal ensure a productive, effective commercial environment.

Since we realised that our commercial and industrial customers need systems that are both highly effective as well as economical to run, we work together with our customers to ensure that the system that we design meets their needs. Focusing on delivering the highest quality service, we ensure both product and client interaction remains at the best possible level.

Our wide range of products also includes all parts, filters and media required to maintain any filtration system. With a full range available you can ensure that your water treatment system runs as well as the day that it was commissioned. In the commercial setting water filtration is an integral process, not only in product creation but also in day to day operations.

Whether you need a water treatment system for your craft beer brewery, food factory, store, mall, water shop or office building, contact us to get professional service and quality components.