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10" Filter Set - Sediment Ceramic & GAC/KDF/CrystaLife


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This Filter Set includes the following three filters:
– 10″ Slim Line Melt Blown Sediment Filter (5 micron)
– 10″ Slim Line Ceramic Filter
– 10″ Slim Line GAC/KDF/CrystaLife Filter

This filter set utilizes a 5 Micron Polypropylene pre-sediment filter, ceramic cartridge and a replaceable GAC/KDF/CrystaLife water purifier cartridge. Suitable for areas with potentially high bacterial levels from a municipal water source, and the removal of very fine sediment. Our exclusive CrystaLife mineral mix adds minerals and trace elements back into your water for the best taste and health benefits.

Note: Ceramic cartridge requires regular, manual cleaning. This purifier is suitable for medium sized families.

– Replaceable cartridge: Lasts 18-24 months
– Bacteriostatic: Prevents bacteria growth
– Ceramic 0.5-0.9 Micron filtration for removal of fine sediment
– DIY installation
– Cost effective
– Improves taste
– Eliminates odours
– Removes hundreds of contaminants

– Recommended flow 1.9-3.8L/min
– Maximum Expected Capacity: 18 925lt
– Average Longevity: 18-24 months


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