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3-Stage Big Blue Filter Set - Basic

3-Stage Big Blue Filter Replacement Set. Ideal for rain and municipal water. Includes 2x Sediment Filter and 1x GAC.


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3-Stage Big Blue Filter Set – Basic Replacement Set

This filter set contains filters in the industry standard 20 inch Big Blue (20″x4.5″) size fits most¬†20 inch Big Blue housings. The 20″ filters generally have a maximum flow rate of 20-25L/min and are recommended for use with rain and municipal water.

This is the basic filter set which includes 1x 10 Micron Sediment Filter, 1x Carbon Block & 1x 1 Micron Sediment Filter. The 2x sediment filters assist with removing higher sediment loads and small particles such as rainwater harvesting tanks in dusty areas. Ideal for rain or municipal water.

Subscription option available for regular hassle-free delivery at a reduced price. Please note that PayFast must be used when checking out if a subscription option is selected.


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