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5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter (without booster pump)

Great value 50GPD Reverse Osmosis System without booster pump (suitable for water pressure 3 bar and above)


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The Definitive Water 5-stage RO filter offers an excellent-value filtration option for users looking for a full RO system to remove impurities from their water.

The system consists of a sediment, granular carbon and carbon block filter as pre-treatment and then a 50GPD Reverse-Osmosis membrane which removes 95-99% of minerals and any bacteria, viruses or parasites in the water. The water then flows through an inline carbon polishing filter before flowing into a buffer tank. This tank allows the system to provide up to 12L of clean, filtered water ready for use at any time.

The Definitive Water 5-stage RO offers excellent filtration and high quality components. The filter also uses industry-standard 10 inch slimline (10″x2.5″) replacement filters that most filter and hardware stores stock.

This system without a booster pump should be selected if your feed water pressure is above 3-bar.


  1. Operates best with higher pressures (3-bar and above)
  2. Best Value RO Filter
  3. Does not require power
  4. Pre-filters require replacement every 3-6 months
  5. RO membrane requires replacement every 24 months


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