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5-stage Ultra Filter


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Best Value Under-Counter Filter

The Definitive Water 5-stage UF filter offers an excellent-value filtration option for users looking for a basic system that also offers excellent water filtration and no water waste.

The system consists of a sediment, granular carbon and carbon block filter as pre-treatment and then an Ultra-Filtration membrane which filters down to 0.2 microns to remove bacteria and parasites. The water then flows through an inline carbon polishing filter before flowing to your tap.

More Compact

The Definitive Water 5-stage UF offers excellent filtration and higher flow than a similar-sized Reverse-Osmosis unit, this means that it does not need an additional storage tank and is more compact. The filter also uses industry-standard 10 inch slimline (10″x2.5″) replacement filters that most filter and hardware stores stock.


  1. No Waste Water
  2. Operates with low pressure (1 bar and up)
  3. Best Value vs Performance Filter
  4. No Power Required
  5. Low Maintenance Costs


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