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Carbon Ceramic Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

Double open ended filter to fit 2.5×10″ (10 inch slim type) housings. The filter has a lifetime of 12 months, but does require regular manual cleaning (scrubbing with a scouring pad or brush) on its outer surface to maintain optimal performance.

R645.00 R595.00

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The power of nature

Ceramic is a natural choice for filtration. By channelling the earth’s natural resources, we’ve created a 100 per cent natural solution for cleansing contaminants from water.

Ceramic mimics the actions of rocks in nature, which draw impurities from water as it passes through the layers of porous material, gradually being cleansed of harmful contaminants.

By harnessing the power of this natural resource through research and technology, we have engineered a powerful and efficient way to bring the highest quality water to your home.


Filled with tiny pores that let drinking water flow through, ceramic candles capture bacteria and pathogens, while allowing healthy minerals to remain.

The network of tiny pores that make up the surface of the ceramic used in Definitive Water ceramic water filters is a hugely effective barrier that can trap minute particles.

Measuring less than one micron – 100 times smaller than a human hair – these pores work to trap unwanted contaminants, leaving clean, tasty water to flow through your tap.

Naturally robust yet versatile, ceramic is a material that will not corrode making it safe and effective.


Through the ceramic outer shell the filter removes bacteria and cysts including e-coli, shigella, cholera and giardia. The candle is impregnated with silver to prevent bacteria growth. The filter is Activated carbon is used to draw out chlorine and


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