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Counter top Water Filtration System


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A fully portable countertop model that is light, compact and economical, it can be easily installed directly to the tap and disconnected in seconds

* Most economical purifier for budget-constrained users
* Simple to install
* Fits most faucets
* Portable
* Can use any standard 10″ filter cartridge

* Recommended flow 1.9 – 3.8 L/min
* Maximum Expected Capacity: 10 000 lt
* Average Longevity: 4 – 6 months
* Locally assembled from quality imported parts
* Swivel spout for convenient use
* Includes assorted adapters for different thread types
* Height 32.0 cm
* Width 14.0 cm
* Shipping weight 2.0 kg

Suitable for:
* Tenants
* Municipal water
* Rural town with varying water quality
* Regular maintenance

Not suitable for:
* Non-municipal water
* Removing salts & minerals
* Long periods without maintenance

Filter Type

With GAC/KDF/Crystalife, With Sediment Filter, With GAC, With Carbon Ceramic, With GAC/KDF


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