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Definitive Water PAD2 Tankless 400GPD RO

The next generation compact reverse osmosis filtration system that looks great while offering a high flow rate and up to 75% water saving over traditional RO systems

R5,950.00 R4,995.00

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Next Generation Reverse Osmosis Filtration

The Definitive Water PAD2 is the next generation in ultimate water filtration. By using the latest technology this elegant filter is super compact, providing high flow rate without the need for an additional buffer tank and has an ultra-low water waste of up to 75% less than traditional Reverse Osmosis systems. The system includes an easy to use LCD screen to indicate water quality and filter life – so filter changes are no longer a guessing game! The easy to change filter cartridges include auto-shutoff valves and can be changed in minutes by just about anyone without mess or hassle.


  • High Flow rate of 1.2L/min
  • Ultra Low Waste Ratio of 1:1
  • RO bypass that results in 0 waste if required
  • Ultra-Compact Size (400x106x455mm)
  • No bulky buffer tank required
  • LCD Screen to indicate feed and product water quality and filter life
  • Fully Moulded Waterway – no internal pipes that can result in leaks
  • Auto-Shutoff Easy-Change Filter Cartridges
  • 2000L Filter Cartridge Life


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