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Easy-Twist Filter

Definitive Water Easy-Twist Filters are designed to be just that – Easy. Easy to install, Easy to service and Easy to use. The filters offer a special Bayonet-type fitting with an integrated shut-off valve, so swopping out your water filter cartridge is simply done by twisting the used cartridge off and twisting a new one on – no mess or fuss!

The Easy-Twist range of filters are also ideal for food service, office coffee/water, vending and beverage applications offering a high flow, long life and quick and easy service for minimal down-time.

These filters do not include all parts required for installation (only the replacement cartridges) – pick the parts required to customize your system according to the installation.


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Filter Type

4-in-1, Carbon Block, GAC, Sediment

Cap Type

3/8", 1/4", No Cap (Only Replacement Cartridge)


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