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Definitive Water GA67C Automatic Backwash Valve 1" Port


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The Definitive Water GA67C automatic backwash valve can be used on several different FRP vessels including with medias such as Silica sand, Activated carbon, Glass, Birm, Calcite and others as long as the vessel has a 2.5″ top opening.
The backwash valve allows you to wash out all the trapped dirt, rust or other particles trapped between the grains of media and will also re-set and re-compact the media bed to prevent and remedy channeling.
The backwash valve uses a digital timer to automatically backwash and rinse every set number of days or hours and is very easy to program and operate. Once it is set, the settings are saved for up to three days if power is lost.
The backwash valve includes additional easily accessible electrical ports for optional extra connections such as a flow meter, solenoid valve or pressure relief valve and supports valve interlock and RS485 interfacing.
The ports on the valve are all 1″ (25mm) female threaded ports to connect to a variety of fittings and supports a maximum flow of 4000L/h.

What’s in the box
1x Definitive Water GA67C backwash valve unit
2x Top/Bottom strainer/distributor set
1x Power brick
1x O-ring set for ports and vessel
1x Interlock cable for optional interlocking
1x Mini Screw-driver


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