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Water purification systems for the hospitality industry – the benefits of reverse osmosis.

Of all the elements needed to combine and create a pleasant customer experience, the quality of water used throughout an establishment seems like a given but, strangely enough, it’s often overlooked, taken for granted or blamed (if need be) on municipal or government services.

The reality is that a quality product (from food, to cleanliness . . . to the tap water guests have available) is the sole responsibility of the hotel, lodge or restaurant.

One way to greatly improve guests’ experience is through reverse osmosis purification.

Benefits of reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems remove high concentrations of dissolved solids that exist in tap water. The contaminated feed water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, removing all dissolved contaminants and salts from the water. Benefits include;

  • Improved taste: Chlorine and other containment alter the taste of water. Needless to say, this purification process removes those elements and therefore improves the quality and taste of drinking water.
  • Customer satisfaction and peace of mind: Increasingly (and rightly so), the paying public is mindful of the food they consume and the fluids they drink. Having a clean bill of water health is a marketable feature of any establishment as it relates to various aspects of the overall experience, from drinks and food to general hygiene and well-being.

  • Reduction of mineral deposits: Natural use of faucets, toilets and so on leads to a build-up of minerals that can become difficult to clean. Removing these minerals allows for a faster (and better) cleaning process . . . this benefit both the establishment and, of course, its guests.

Commercial and industrial water treatment goes well beyond just the hospitality industry. Definitive Water’s range of products include all parts, filters and media required to maintain filtration systems for various types of businesses and purposes.

Whether you need a water treatment system for your craft beer brewery, food factory, store, mall, water shop or office building, contact Definitive Water to get professional service and quality components . . . or visit our online store for great deals on water essentials.

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