The Water Filter Factory by Definitive Water

Why Choose us?

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With so many choices available, why choose The Water Filter Factory?

Over the past few years, several “Online Hardware Shops” have popped up that offer a big range of products at very low prices. Unfortunately, most of these companies are actually not hardware shops at all, but rather middlemen that carry no actual stock, rather having items delivered directly from local suppliers to their customers.

This sounds great, however, most of these companies play suppliers off against each other, sourcing the cheapest product from whichever supplier willing to give them the lowest price. This means that unless a customer purchases a well known branded product, they are more often than not going to receive a different product with different quality (and sometimes different specifications) every time that they order. Since these shops never actually see the stock, it is impossible for them to check the quality or specifications themselves. Most of these companies also stock such a wide range of products that it is impossible for them to have expertise in every field and will often recommend the wrong product or offer incorrect advice.

Secondly, there are also a multitude of different water filter companies that seem to have popped up overnight, each offering some cheaper version of an established product. Unfortunately, many of these companies are only there to make a quick buck and often are not around when there is a problem with the product or replacement parts need to be purchased.

What makes us different?

Consistent quality, consistent value and excellent customer service.

  1. We manufacture, import, source or assemble each product in our range ourselves. This means that we know our suppliers personally, know in which factory our product is made and can quickly spot and resolve a problem with any product or product line.
  2. We stand behind the quality and performance of all of our products and will immediately replace any faulty product.
  3. We’re here to stay. Definitive Water was established in 2009, meaning that we’ve been around for more than 10 years.
  4. We’re experts. We’ve handled domestic, commercial and industrial water treatment projects and have a wealth of experience to let you know what (and sometimes more importantly, what not) to do. If we can’t assist directly, we have a number of industry partners who we can work together with or refer you to.
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